Space Around A Kitchen Island

Space Around A Kitchen Island. Creating Maximum Kitchen Island Storage Space. If the counter space contains a work area and appliances.

Small kitchen photos with islands
Small kitchen photos with islands (Adelaide Hill)

Kiss your cluttered countertop days goodbye. We chose a small butcher block kitchen island with wheels so we could move it around, which has proved very useful. A highly practical addition, a well-made kitchen island can add needed workspace, dining space, and If you've been considering adding an island to your kitchen, the most important aspect to consider is—do you have the room to do so?

At a loss when it comes to spicing up your kitchen island?

Take some design inspiration from There are a lot of challenges to having a small kitchen: a lack of storage space and cramped.

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Your kitchen's styling, space and needs should all be considered. Gourmet dishes or microwave dinners, a spacious island makes mealtime less of a pain. Cooks sometimes gravitate back to the perimeter cooking area and leave the island only for special events, emergencies, and storage.

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